Taylorsville Forestry Mulching

Taylorsville Forestry Mulching is used for land clearing, right of way clearing, wildfire prevention, overgrown and heavy brush management.

Taylorsville Forestry Mulching  is a land clearing method that uses a single machine to cut, grind, and clear vegetative growth. The unit uses a rotary drum equipped with a steel chipper “teeth” to remove and shred trees, brush and heavy vegetation. The mulch is simultaneously distributed over the cutting area, reducing erosion and vegetative regrowth while leaving a natural, forest-like environment.  Forestry mulching is used for land clearing, right of way clearing and maintenance. wildfire prevention, overgrown and heavy brush management, invasive species control and wildlife conservation and restoration.

Taylorsville Forestry Mulching is unlike other land clearing processes in that it can be done with a single machine comprised of a Compact Track Loader fitted with a Mulching Attachment.  This rugged mulching head processes trees, up to 200 mm (8 in) diameter, and other brush for effective land clearing results.  Unlike other land clearing methods, forestry mulching leaves no brush or burn piles and eliminates damage to the retained trees.  With a thick layer of mulch, the topsoil layer is protected from erosion and as the mulch decomposes, the topsoil will be replenished.

Conventional land clearing methods often increase the risk of erosion by pushing trees over, uprooting the stump and roots.  This process may unnecessarily disturb layers of soil.  In contrast, mulching the vegetation leaves the soil structure intact. The mulched material is dispersed over the cutting area and when left on the ground, will act as an erosion barrier and return vital nutrients back into the soil as it decomposes.  Over time, grass will naturally grow through the mulch and can be maintained with mowing.

Taylorsville Forestry Mulching & Land Clearing

  • Commercial property maintenance
  • Residential property maintenance
  • Land clearing
  • Tree Removal & mulching
  • Brush removal & mulching
  • Storm damage clean up
  • Timbered land clean up
  • Pasture and field restoration
  • Hunting lanes and hiking trails

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